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Improve your look with a stylish trade show kiosk or gadget display.

When you need a comfortable station for prospective clients to receive and interact with your message, but you want it to be stylish and eye-catching, a trade show kiosk or gadget stand could be a great fit. We offer an excellent variety of options to meet your needs.

A trade show kiosk can deliver your media message, offer a defined space for your prospect to receive/interact with your message, act as a meet and greet station, or be used as an information display or product showcase. We have iPad and Tablet stands available for floor mount, counter mount, or multi-unit, and all can fit in a small footprint. They provide security for your device, as well as offering accessories that can increase functionality, such as a magnetic card reader, keyboard mount, or headphone mount. Available branding and graphics components include a faceplate graphic, banner mount, and backdrop graphic.

For a beautiful display that shows off your technological savvy, consider a trade show kiosk or gadget stand.

Contact us today to make your exhibit vision a reality!