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The drawing power of light. Lightbox display.

When you want to stand out, nLite is your ultimate eye-catching lightbox display. It makes a big impact, and can be used for applications ranging from tradeshows to retail, corporate interiors, museums, and more.

Our printing process, fabric and lights give the most beautiful colors and crisp graphic images, but there are many other reasons why nLite is superior to other products in the marketplace. There are endless design possibilities with the nLite lightbox display as it is easy to change out the graphics, the extrusion can be curved, it can be used in permanent or temporary installations, and can be wall-mounted or freestanding. It also has vertical scalability as the tall towers of light used in an island exhibit can be reconfigured and used horizontally as inline exhibits at another show.

We custom make the size you want: without a seam nLite can be up to 115” in one dimension and as long as you want in the other! This is an environmentally friendly lightbox display with surprisingly low energy consumption, under 500 watts for a 10’ exhibit and negligible heat output from the lights. However, the illumination is superb – our lights give an evenly bright finish and are whiter than competitive products. It is also easy to transport as it packs in small shippers.

When you need a beautiful eye-catcher that really lights up the room, nLite is a great choice!

Contact us today to make your exhibit vision a reality!