• 12_08a_Tension Fabric_008__20130319-Moss fabric conference room
  • 12_01a_Tension Fabric_001__20110218-DSC_0156
  • 12_03a_Bannerstands_020__20130927-Bannerstand Tension Fabric Allure
  • 12_04a_EZ Tube 10' 8th Light
  • 12_05a_Entasi 10' Hills Pets
  • 12_08a_Tension Fabric_010__20130714-Richelieu island 2
  • 12_10a_Tension Fabric_014__20130405-AON sm island 2
  • 12_11a_Tension Fabric_015__Piramal
  • 299W7502_1294673855
  • 12_12a_Tension Fabric hanging sign Cummins
  • 12_13a_Tension Fabric_017__20070329-Chiron Proleukin island

nTension gives you full surface imaging, while being very lightweight.

Tension fabric is a beautiful, flexible approach to help build an exhibit to your exact vision.

With nTension, you can create freestanding exhibits, hanging signs, tabletop displays, and custom booth elements, with lightweight, dramatic flair. We can create unique shapes, including curves and waves, covered with your message.

When you’re looking for a bold way to say, “We’re here! Come on over!” a nTension hanging sign is a great choice. We have a vast number of options including signs that can be illuminated to draw attention to your booth.

When you are looking for a unique way to build your brand on the show floor, nTension is flexible enough to do the job right!

Contact us today to make your exhibit vision a reality!