10 BIG trends from Exhibitor 2015: #10 It’s all in the details

Posted on Jul 21, 2015 in Design, Events, News, Show Services
10 BIG trends from Exhibitor 2015: #10 It’s all in the details
Nichols always keeps up-to-date on the latest trends in design and manufacturing of trade show exhibits to help our customers get the best the industry has to offer. At Exhibitor 2015 we observed 10 key trends that will help you stay ahead of the curve with your next exhibit. This is the tenth and final post in a series examining those trends, and giving you tips on how you can make use of them.

Details make the difference.

Being a distributor allows us to keep up with trends, be innovative, and bring our customers the best new products in the marketplace. When we see exciting new products, we just can’t wait to share them with you to make sure you have the very best product to meet your needs.

For needs both big and small, here are a few innovative finds from Exhibitor 2015:

  • A new twist on a pop-up display – The graphic attaches to a SEG channel that attaches magnetically to the frame; since there are no thick Velcro attachments around the perimeter, you get a sleeker, cleaner look.
  • Amazing detailing on a tall tower – Octanorm achieved this look by routing ½” sintra in a cohesive pattern to create a rich and interesting finish.
  • A unique magnet system – Football helmets were attached magnetically to a lightbox, looking like they were suspended in air. The strength of this magnet system was amazing:
    • There is no need to cut the fabric to attach a wide variety of fixtures.
    • Shelves can hold up to 20 pounds.
    • The magnet system doesn’t create a shadow in the lightbox.
  • New light fixtures – We’re always looking for new lighting and were happy to find several suppliers whose lights included the transformer in small fixtures.

There are unlimited opportunities to make your booth design unique, and we’ve got our eyes out to find the most exciting new products that will support your goals. Contact us at www.gonichols.com/contact to talk to someone who will listen to your needs, then walk you through the process to find the right booth elements for you.

With you, every step of the way.

Team Nichols

Thanks for reading our Exhibitor 2015 “10 key trends” series. If you missed any of the posts you can check them out on our blog, or you can download our eBook with all 10 key trends from Exhibitor 2015 right here.