10 BIG trends from Exhibitor 2015: #2 Video walls abound

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10 BIG trends from Exhibitor 2015: #2 Video walls abound
Nichols always keeps up-to-date on the latest trends in design and manufacturing of trade show exhibits to help our customers get the best the industry has to offer. At Exhibitor 2015 we observed 10 key trends that will help you stay ahead of the curve with your next exhibit. This is the second in a series of posts examining those trends, and giving you tips on how you can make use of them.

What’s next? Think video walls and animation.

The era of booths without technology elements is past. In these amazing examples from Exhibitor 2015, we found a wide variety of ways to integrate hot technology to garner attention for your display.

We were impressed by the large number of exhibitors who integrated video walls into their booth space. These video walls were created using modular LCD panels of varying resolutions. Some booths used large interactive touch screens to engage show attendees and offer a great way to draw potential clients into a specific program, website or marketing campaign.

Another example was Volanti’s LED cube, which could display different presentations on each side of the cube with amazing clarity. Virtual reality is also making its way into the exhibit hall – we had some fun checking out a few different vendors at the show.

When you’re considering how to make your booth stand out, think about how you can best use technology. Things to consider:

  • Be sure to partner with an exhibit house that either has the in-house expertise or strategic partnerships to bring you this upscale, impactful booth element.
  • Not only do you need a hardware provider, you need a content provider who can deliver an absorbing, interactive, multi-sensory experience for the end user.
  • While there is not one single right way, animation was far more prevalent than video presentations as it allows you to easily move back and forth from conceptual to concrete information.
  • As a first step in technology integration, you might consider creating a web portal just for the show and using iPads that allow attendees to input their contact information; there are many interesting and beautiful ways to display iPads in your booth. Check out tablet stands in our kiosk portfolio at http://www.gonichols.com/project/kiosks/

When you you’re looking for amazing ways to integrate hot technology into a display, contact us at 847-229-9800.

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Team Nichols

In our next post, we’ll look at modern, cutting-edge examples of great displays that we spotted at Exhibitor.

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