Nichols is ready to partner with you to build your next amazing trade show displays. Whether you’re looking for a portable exhibit, a pop up display, a tabletop or modular exhibit, or you need custom design, we are here to help. If you have a question, take a look at our FAQs below.


If it’s not already answered here, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Show services questions:
1.  Where should I ship my exhibit?

More often than not – the advance warehouse is best. You will incur little to no waiting time and your exhibit will be in the booth space prior to your arrival on the 1st day of install. If shipping direct to the show site, you will most likely incur waiting time due to the carrier waiting in line to unload at the dock – the amount of waiting time is always an unknown prior to the show. You will then need to wait for the exhibit to be brought from the dock to your booth space. If labor has been hired, that can be a problem as you don’t know when the freight will actually be in your space, causing your laborers to have to wait on the clock to start the set up.

2.  What is drayage (also known as material handling)? 

Drayage can be a large part of your trade show expense. The actual cost is based on the weight of your exhibit and any other items shipping in to the show. The actual cost is calculated by the # of cwt (100 pounds) multiplied by a set rate (different rates apply depending upon whether you are shipping to the advance warehouse or the show site and whether move-in/move-out is on straight time or overtime).

The following services are covered by the drayage charge:

  • Storage up to 30 days at the advance warehouse
  • Moving of your freight from the advance warehouse or the dock at show site to your booth space
  • Moving your empty containers (crates, cases, boxes) from your booth space to storage during the show
  • Returning crates, cases, boxes back to your booth at the close of the show
  • Moving these items from your booth space to the dock for pick up by your designated carrier

Example: Weight of shipment is 600 pounds or 6 cwt. Drayage rate is $85/cwt to ship to the advance warehouse – material handling cost will be 6 X 85.00 = $510.00.

3.  How much notice does Nichols need to ship out my exhibit?

The sooner the better! In order to keep your freight costs as low as possible we like to ship items no later than 5 business days prior to the due date as this allows for the lowest freight cost. We can always ship closer to your deadline but our goal is to provide on time service at the lowest possible cost. The sooner we can get a client’s shipment on our schedule the better so we can “prep” your shipment and give it the attention it deserves.  Ideally, a two week notice is best, further out than that is even better. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LETTING US KNOW TOO SOON.

We certainly understand that rushes happen. As long as we know all the details and facts, we will do anything and everything to accommodate your needs and make sure your materials are shipped and arrive in a timely manner. As they say, the show must go on! And we will do everything we can to ensure that your show is a success.

4.  Can Nichols manage my Show Calendar?

We certainly can and we would love to do so. Submit your show calendar to us and we will stay on top of it for you – alerting you to ordering deadlines, shipping deadlines, and more for your trade show displays. In fact, we can place your orders for you so you can focus on more pressing issues! Contact us for more info on this and other trade show services.

Graphic questions:
5.  How do I upload my artwork?

You can upload your artwork to our ftp site using an ftp client:

USER NAME: Nichols Client
PASSWORD: Graphics744

(Note, Username and Password are both case sensitive.)

Please compress all files into a single ZIP file.

Please send an email to once upload is complete.

You may also use your own ftp, a web-based file hosting service, or your proprietary file host. Please send all files to Files under 10mb can be sent via e-mail. You may also send by mail or drop off your files on a CD, DVD, or flash drive.

6.   How should I set up my artwork?

Click here to download our general graphics spec sheet for info on how to set up your files.

For sizing information, or job specific information, please email your salesperson or for specifications and/or a template.

If you have any questions on setting up your art file, please contact

7.   Will I receive a proof for my job?

You will receive low-resolution digital proofs for all jobs if timing allows. Your low-resolution proof will confirm the layout of your job and 100% zoom screenshots will be supplied if artwork is below recommended resolution.

You should receive your digital proof within 1-3 days of submitting your artwork. Approval of the proof is typically required within 24hrs to maintain your scheduled ship date.

Color can vary based on monitor calibration and print process. Color of your proof on screen is not an accurate indicator of final print color. If color match is critical, a hard (physical, printed) proof with the final material and process is highly recommended. Hard proofing can add 2-5 days per round of proofing – please let us know at the start of a job if you require a hard proof so we may adequately schedule to accommodate proofing. Additional charges may apply for hard proofs. We highly recommend hard proofing for jobs with higher quantities or like colors across multiple print processes and materials.