Brighten your Booth with Lightbox Accents

Posted on Dec 8, 2016 in Custom Display, Design, Events, News, nSights
Brighten your Booth with Lightbox Accents

Make your brand shine by accenting your hanging sign with a lightbox. Bright solid colors with a simple logo will stand out from aisles away.

In September, we visited the International Manufacturing Technology Show, which filled McCormick Place in Chicago.  Since it was a local show with several of our clients exhibiting, the Nichols team scouted the floor looking for the best examples of the 2016 Exhibit Trends.  Our next few blog posts will feature photos from IMTS 2016.

Lightboxes have become a vital graphic element at trade shows. Their luminous quality is sure to catch the attention of onlookers, and they offer a vivid canvas to display the best of your brand. At IMTS 2016, we noticed a change in the application of lightboxes as accents. From hanging signs to counters, lightbox accents drew attention to special features in a wide variety of booth designs.

dsc00261Break up a large solid wall by inserting lightboxes within the wall’s framing. It’s a good way to add graphics and display products, and is a simple way to make your booth look custom built.


dsc00725Give prominence to your product counters by building them entirely out of lightboxes. An acrylic (plexiglass) or glass top creates a beautiful showcase, and an optimal viewing space for customers to see your products in their best light.


dsc01044Light up your signage! Lightboxes are a great way to spotlight your logo, but are also good for smaller signage to help make your branding and product names memorable. Visitors will appreciate even the smallest details of your booth when they are illuminated.


dsc01102This booth uses lightboxes as space dividers as well as for the hanging sign. Fresh and beautiful imagery surrounds visitors as they walk through the space without making it feel overwhelming or closed in.

When you’re looking to use lightboxes in fresh, new ways, download our free ebook on the 10 BIG Trends from ExhibitorLIVE 2016.  We would love to brainstorm with you and incorporate any or all of these trends into your next exhibit.  Contact us when you’re ready to make your trade show vision a reality!

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