Custom design for drama and flair.

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 in Custom Display, Design, Events, News
Custom design for drama and flair.


Showcasing your unique product line is easy with a custom exhibit design.

The U.S. division of a global innovator of lighting technology needed to exhibit in a 20′ x 30′ island exhibit space, including a sizeable storage area, at LIGHTFAIR 2015, held at the Javits Center in NY.

They desired an open, clean look with a grand entrance into their exhibit space. Their dual goals were to showcase their lighting fixtures in both an office environment and an industrial production setting, and to introduce multiple new light fixtures at the show.

Working with the client to meet their custom design needs, we created a dramatic yet simple exhibit:

  • We chose a black and white color scheme, using a 16’ high superstructure with a clean appearance and textured black powder coating to complement the client’s black powder coating on their light fixtures.
  • We designed a custom 12’ high x 6’ x 4’ storage tower finished with gloss black and matte white laminate to serve as the central hub of the exhibit space, which connected to and provided support for the overhead superstructure, and could serve as a central location to showcase the new light with a backlit, pierce cut logo.
  • Other lighting products were featured on other faces of the storage tower.
  • Using the Nichols nLite™ LED lightbox, we created a dramatic 15’ high x 5’ wide double-sided backlit graphic for the grand entrance.
  • We filled the other three vertical spaces supporting the structure with sheer white fabric which allowed show attendees to see inside, giving an inviting feel to the booth.
  • The top horizontal sections of the superstructure were filled with opaque white fabric and the client’s pendant lights were hung from several spots of the superstructure, making the entire display more dramatic, interesting, and memorable.
  • To support the client’s need to show their lighting in different environments, the exhibit was designed with beautiful, functional settings.
    • The office space in the front of the booth had custom desks and counters to showcase their office lighting, and in the back were work benches to create an industrial setting, which housed the industrial lighting fixtures.
    • The new light was featured in multiple locations within the exhibit space, both wall mounted and desk mounted.

The client had a very successful show and was thrilled with how the Nichols design team worked with them to discover and meet their needs.

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