A key time saver for show setup!

Posted on Feb 5, 2014 in Design, nSights
A key time saver for show setup!

Save time and money with electrical/internet trade show floor plan design.

The electrical and internet trade show floor plan design is an important detail that often gets overlooked when preparing for a show. The floor plan determines how your booth will function on show day. Submitting it early, with the electrical and internet spots detailed out, will save labor time, reduce your labor expense and allow for easy installation.  A complete floor plan rendering of the island or peninsula space, as well as inline spaces if they require electrical in any area other than the back of the booth space, must include the following:

  • Show name, Exhibitor name, Booth number, Venue name, Hall (if applicable)
  • Booth orientation – Using the floor plan grid in the Exhibit Service Kit or your own floor plan rendering, show all adjacent booth numbers. Noting the location of the Front of the Hall or Main Entrance is also very helpful.
  • Outlet/Internet locations (Island or Peninsula)  – Mark your outlet and internet locations with the symbols shown in the sample below (Figure A). Exact measurements from the desired outlet/internet location to the two closest edges of the booth space will accomplish this.  These measurements need to be shown for each outlet/internet location.
  • Outlet/Internet (Inline) – If you need electrical or internet in any other location other than the back of your booth you must provide exact locations/measurements as well.
  • Main drop/Hub location – The main electrical drop/internet hub location is where all cords/cables will originate. In an island/peninsula booth it is best placed in a tower/closet or some other out-of-the-way area. This location must be clearly labeled.
  • Call out the desired amps – Label all electrical outlet locations with the correct ampage  (i.e. 5 amp, 10 amp, 20 amp, etc.) to help further distinguish all points of reference.
  • Key – The rendering should have a key at the bottom of the floor plan so the floor plan can be clearly understood.
  • Submit your floor plan no later than the discount deadline and confirm that it has been received – Doing so will save you money on your electrical order (typically 20%). It will also get your floor plan into the show decorator/electrician files well in advance of move-in,  improving the chances of having everything in place when you arrive to set up your exhibit.

example electrical key




The best trade show floor plan design is one that is clear and concise, and is submitted early.  As long as the essentials (as listed above) are shown in the floor plan grid, the bones of your booth space will be in place and ready for the rest of your exhibit items to be installed quickly, bringing your vision to life.

-Joan Griffin
With you every step of the way!