Flexibility to make a big statement.

Posted on Aug 4, 2015 in Case Studies, Custom Display, Design, Uncategorized
Flexibility to make a big statement.

Meeting your needs for any given show becomes easy when you can scale up with high quality rentals.

We recently had a client who wanted to make a big statement at the American Academy of Neurology’s Annual Meeting that was held in Washington, DC in April.

They had a 40’ x 40’ booth space, and particular needs including an open circulation path, a speaker presentation area, a medical affairs area, and storage space in the booth. And they also needed to keep some smaller components that could be reconfigured and reused for smaller, regional meetings.

For clients who need the scalability and flexibility to go big at one show while keeping a core display for another, we often suggest our high quality trade show exhibit rentals as a way to get the most from their budgets.

We worked together to create a design that would meet their needs:

  • The star shaped exhibit captured attention and invited meeting attendees to enter the space with wide openings on every side; the shape also reflected the company’s logo.
  • A bright and open presentation area created an easy way to gather attendees to learning opportunities.
  • The Medical Affairs area was a beautiful private space, meeting industry requirements.
  • The four double-sided lightboxes were absolute eye catchers – attendees couldn’t help but take notice (find out more about Nichols lightboxes – the brightest in the industry).
  • The strong graphic design on the SEG graphics and the iPad kiosks communicated the product message and allowed for an interactive experience.
  • We created a sleek, clean look to further communicate the brand promise, and premium finishes on the panels (metallic dibond and modern laminates) made the entire space more contemporary.
  • The endless design possibilities of the flexible nVision panel system made a fantastic rental option for this booth – the lightweight, sturdy aluminum frames can stack and curve, and panel systems are lower cost than custom exhibits in construction, shipping, I&D and drayage.
  • Another positive of the panel systems is that they allow ease of design for storage closets with the same panel components as the back walls, so we were able to create easy storage space within the booth.
  • With the nVision system, the company now has multiple design options to meet their 30’ x 30’, 10’ x 40’, 10’ x 30’ and 10’ x 20’ show needs, using components from this 40’ x 40’ booth.

With our flexible rental inventory and experience, you are bound to find what you are looking for. All you pay is the one-time rental fee, plus the cost for graphics and shipping. Afterwards, you own the graphics and we keep the booth pieces – which you are welcome to rent again if need be.

Take a look at our rental solutions for more inspiration and nVision designs. To learn more about the amazing flexibility of panel systems, check out our recent blog post.

Nichols offers a full range of services, from our in-house design department, to helping with installation and setup, to make sure you are ready every step of the way. Talk to a Nichols rep today to find out how we can meet your rental needs, and your budget!

With you every step of the way!

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