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There are many exciting ways the nVision open frame system can make your booth a real standout:

  • With both straight and curved aluminum frame panels that easily connect and stack, you can incorporate soft flowing curves or clean linear edges into your exhibit.

  • The same panels can create walls, cantilevered canopies, counters, storage closets, or rigged hanging signs.

  • Steel supports at critical junctures allow the system to remain lightweight and sag-free.

  • Panels can be covered in towering full-color graphics or seamless SEG (silicone edge graphic) fabric skins that cross multiple frames for a beautiful, cohesive look.

  • Cool metallic finishes, warm wood grain veneers, laminate, glass, brick and stone paneling can all be used as panel infills to
    reflect your style.

  • Lightbox integration is a snap, and panel systems support a wide range of accessories such as shelving, monitor mounts,
    electronic door locks and more that disappear into the frame or are completely hidden under the skins.

  • Innovative system elements allow you to construct a raised booth floor with both lower construction and operating costs.

  • The system is 90% tool free which greatly reduces install and dismantle costs.

When you want an elegant booth with exceptional beauty that rivals a custom built exhibit, but want to keep your costs low and your booth set up easy, talk to us about using the nVision system! To find out more about how you can create an elegant booth design with panel systems, contact us at gonichols.com.