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  • 10_02a_2x2 TT w-case conv. Hill's Pets
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  • 10_05a_Armstrong TT GEM
  • 10_06a_Laser Thin TT Olds Products
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  • 10_08a_Downing Network TT Trak
  • 10_09a_2x3 Tabletop and table drape WeSeed
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  • 10_12a_Pictura Mini L TT display

Tabletop exhibits that are small, smart, and stylish.

When you need a powerful exhibit in a small package, a tabletop exhibit can establish a professional look that meets your needs.

These exhibits are portable and lightweight, and can be easily set up, taken down and carried by one person. They help you present a large amount of information in an easy-to-digest format over a desktop lunch meeting. It’s easy to change out the graphics, so you’ll be able to use the same exhibit for multiple products, divisions, and audiences.

Our tabletop exhibit options include:

Folding panel: These “workhorses” can withstand lots of use and still look good.

LaserThin: Perfect for health care reps to present detailed product information in a professional environment.

nPop Pyramid: This versatile tabletop exhibit allows you to switch out a panel to fit a specific message, and is extremely lightweight.

The nPop is one of our favorite portable displays due to its amazing flexibility and ease of use. Graphic images remain on the lightweight frames making set-up a breeze. The graphics can be quickly and easily changed, allowing the nPop frames to be used at show after show and reconfigured to facilitate your messaging requirements. Find out more about other nPop options here.

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