Sheer Awesome

Posted on Dec 15, 2016 in Custom Display, Design, Events, News, nSights
Sheer Awesome

The ceiling isn’t the limit! Sheer fabrics are great for creating intimate spaces in large areas. This booth used floating sky graphics to make an atmospheric impact and give visitors a view to remember.

In September, we visited the International Manufacturing Technology Show, which filled McCormick Place in Chicago.  Since it was a local show with several of our clients exhibiting, the Nichols team scouted the floor looking for the best examples of the 2016 Exhibit Trends.  Our next few blog posts will feature photos from IMTS 2016.

In recent years, fabric use at trade shows has exploded. IMTS 2016 had the best of the best, showing off some impressive fabric applications and new printing techniques. Sheer fabric can be paradoxical – its presence is subtle, yet its ability to define spaces will have you in awe of how much can be done with so little.  If you want your space to feel intimate yet open to visitors, sheer fabric could be the way to go.

dsc00648Create a luxurious seating area enclosed with framed sheer fabric. Entice visitors with a view of comfortable couches, where they can take a break from the busy aisles. A close-up shot of your product creates an interesting graphic that divides the space and creates privacy.


dsc00839When you are displaying a large number of products in your booth, or you’re working with a small inline, consider using sheer fabrics to display branding and signage. This banner (above) doesn’t block the view of the booth, yet clearly displays branding, which is key when trying to create an open-plan feel.


dsc00984Creating an ideal conference or consulting area can be tricky. The space needs to be closed off enough to cultivate good conversations. However, it needs to be open and inviting enough for visitors to feel welcome to enter. Sheer fabrics can do both!


When you’re looking to integrate sheer fabrics into your booth design in a way that will leave visitors in awe, download our free ebook on the 10 BIG Trends from ExhibitorLIVE 2016.  We would love to brainstorm with you and incorporate any or all of these trends into your next exhibit.  Contact us when you’re ready to make your trade show vision a reality!

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