Top 10 trends for 2016: #5 Shape, Color, & Materials

Posted on May 27, 2016 in Custom Display, Design, Events, News
Top 10 trends for 2016: #5 Shape, Color, & Materials

At Nichols, we are ready to help you capitalize on the top design trends of 2016 to create a captivating trade show exhibit. This series of posts examines the trends from EXHIBITORLIVE 2016, and gives you tips to make use of them in your next exhibit.


Color and pattern were applied in new and exciting ways to make brands really pop at EXHIBITORLIVE. Geometric shapes and patterns are a motif that can be applied in many ways – as the template for your entire exhibit design, as individual graphic elements or as a repeating design element on a smaller scale throughout the booth.


  • Our favorite booths at the show employed bold, angular leading lines that had a rhythmic repetition to draw your eye into and around the space. (top, upper left and center)
  • Bright, contrasting colors in vibrant hues are the color trends in 2016. Even white booths were flooded with colorful LED lighting. (top and upper right)
  • With graphics, we saw deliberate, strong color choices, edge-to-edge imagery, and largescale typography.
  • At Nichols, we’ve used low poly graphic design on our website and marketing materials for the last couple of years. (center and upper right) Low poly uses simple geometric shapes placed side-by-side to create angular, often minimalist, compositions. It was fun to see this style beautifully executed on the show floor.
  • Finally, we saw a return to the look of natural materials in exhibit construction. (upper left and right) Though a stone or brick façade might be a lightweight synthetic product, or a wood look achieved with dye sub printing to fabric, the desired mood and style still come through.

When you want to find your own unique way to use colors, patterns, or interesting materials, contact us and we’ll help you make your booth stand out.

With you, every step of the way.

Team Nichols

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