Top 10 trends for 2016: #8 Charging Stations

Posted on Jun 15, 2016 in Custom Display, Design, Events, News
Top 10 trends for 2016: #8 Charging Stations

At Nichols, we are ready to help you capitalize on the top design trends of 2016 to create a captivating trade show exhibit. This series of posts examines the trends from EXHIBITORLIVE 2016, and gives you tips to make use of them in your next exhibit.


Another hot trend from EXHIBITORLIVE is the incorporation of charging stations. Exhibitors are capitalizing on our need to stay connected at all times, and drawing in attendees, with free access to charging stations on multiple surfaces within the booth.


An amazingly easy addition, charging stations can be added to any table, counter or wall with minimal cost. The wide range of choices at EXHIBITORLIVE moved from overt glowing end tables and high boys to subtle, out of the way options. When you add a chair next to the charging station, the show attendee gets to “recharge” too!

Power up your booth by offering a service attendees can use right at the show. Contact us at and we’ll help you design charging stations that make your booth stand out.

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