Top 10 trends for 2016: #9 Video Walls

Posted on Jun 20, 2016 in Custom Display, Design, Events, News
Top 10 trends for 2016: #9 Video Walls

At Nichols, we are ready to help you capitalize on the top design trends of 2016 to create a captivating trade show exhibit. This series of posts examines the trends from EXHIBITORLIVE 2016, and gives you tips to make use of them in your next exhibit.


One great way to draw a crowd and keep their attention is the integration of a video wall into your booth. Technology improvements and lower costs are paving the way for the natural progression from monitors and illumination to video walls as an accessible booth element for many exhibitors.


While there’s no disputing the impact of a full motion color wall in your trade show booth, the hardware set-up and operation, as well as the content production, can seem daunting. There are two main approaches to creating a video wall:

  1. Use LED monitors that provide true HD resolution and have an ultra-narrow bezel so the inter-image gaps will be barely noticeable. The operating software allows you to display multiple images over individual screens or one continuous image across all the screens.
  2. Interlocking LED tiles allow greater flexibility in sizing to meet your precise needs. This type of video wall can display a single message or the screen can be partitioned to see multiple messages at the same time. Images can be static and change at timed intervals or be completely animated.

We are continually impressed by the quality leaps in the resolution of LED tiles, with images so fine that they almost look 3D. Viewing distance and content will determine the level of resolution you need for your application. Animation is used more frequently than video as it allows you to easily move back and forth from conceptual to concrete information.

We recommend renting this equipment since the technology is changing at such a rapid pace. Renting also provides the benefit of on-site installation and technical support at your show. Be sure to partner with an exhibit house that either has the in-house expertise
or strategic partnerships to bring you this upscale, impactful booth element.

When you want to make a BIG impression, Nichols can help you integrate a video wall in your next booth. Contact us at

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