Top 10 trends for 2016: #3 Massive hanging signs

Posted on May 13, 2016 in Custom Display, Design, Events, News, Show Services
Top 10 trends for 2016: #3 Massive hanging signs

At Nichols, we are ready to help you capitalize on the top design trends of 2016 to create a captivating trade show exhibit. This series of posts examines the trends from EXHIBITORLIVE 2016, and gives you tips to make use of them in your next exhibit.


Massive hanging signs demand attention, define your booth space and create drama.  At EXHIBITORLIVE we saw this trend employed to great effect. The most dramatic signs covered the entire footprint of the booth, drawing visitors into an environment that feels separate and contained from the rest of the show.


A few great features to mention:

  • Hanging signs of this size require rigging and often truss, which may represent a significant part of your trade show budget, but it can be well worth the spend. Truss has the additional benefit of providing mounting for external lighting fixtures for even more impact.
  • Today’s LED lighting allows large hanging signs to be lit from the inside as well, extending the reach of your brand across the show floor.
  • In 2016, the shape of hanging signs is no longer limited to a circle or rectangle. Tension fabric can stretch across frames that curve or sharply turn creating bold, geometric shapes.
  • While the exterior of the hanging sign most often identifies your brand, the inside or underside of the sign can be utilized for marketing messages.

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