What happened at HCEA 2014?

Posted on Jul 10, 2014 in Events, News, nSide Nichols
What happened at HCEA 2014?

01_HCEA_v1The Nichols team recently attended and exhibited at the Healthcare Convention Exhibitors Association (HCEA) annual meeting from June 21-24 in Cleveland, Ohio. We met customers face-to-face to show off our products, services, and expertise; but even more importantly we learned about the experiences of our end users, particularly in the trend-setting healthcare industry, to help continuously improve our services. Healthcare trade shows 2014.


Participating in HCEA was valuable. We gained insight into the state of the healthcare exhibit industry and gained perspective from Regular, Associate and Supporting HCEA members. A topic on the mind of many members was how to get their message to physicians in today’s highly regulated landscape. As people filtered through our booth, we were especially glad to hear great feedback about the flexibility of the nLite™ featured in our booth:

  • “Sleek!”
  • “I like the evolution of the nLite from last year to this, especially the unique shape and colors.”
  • “The design really makes the most use of your space.”
  • “Beautiful design and shape; it really holds together.”

The highlight of the show was when a current client and a prospective client were both in the booth at the same time. Our current client turned to the prospect and said, “Nichols is great to work with! We love our nLites and plan to buy more.” They were most appreciative that Nichols sent an employee to handle the install at the first show where the client used their new nLites to make sure that everything went perfectly.  To the client’s surprise, this was provided as no charge service.  It just made our day to hear how much our clients value our service, and solidified our tagline, “Every step of the way.” Whether you’re exhibiting for healthcare or any other industry, just know that we’re here to help you make the best of your show.

Every step of the way!

Team Nichols