The nLite lightbox is an innovative single- or double-sided display frame with ultra bright LED lights that have an enormous reach, turning textile banners into absolute eyecatchers.


The design makes it easy to change out the graphics so rebranding this lightbox is as easy as printing a new panel. Our printing process, fabric and lights give the most beautiful colors and crisp graphic images.


  • Superb illumination: our lights give an even, bright light that is whiter than other light boxes on the market, with an option to add a dimmer if you desire. The entire fabric graphic is uniformly lit, without dead spots along the edges, and free from hot spots.
  • Environmentally friendly: surprisingly low energy consumption, under 500 watts for a 10’ with virtually no heat output.
  • Ease of installation: lights remain attached to the aluminum extrusion sides of the lightbox, significantly reducing set-up time.
  • Customizable: extrusions can be straight or curved, and the nLite can be freestanding, wall-mounted or suspended as part of a permanent or temporary installation.
  • Sized to meet your needs: fabric graphic transparencies are attached to the frame using a silicone edge. Without a seam, the nLite can be up to 115” in one dimension and as long as you want in the other!
  • Flexible: use a tall tower of light to garner attention in an island exhibit, and then it can be reoriented to use horizontally as an inline exhibit at another show.
  • Easy to transport: Since no bulky light panels are needed, the nLite breaks down easily and stores in one small wooden shipping container.
  • A variety of applications: trade shows, retail, corporate interiors, museums, and more.


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